Clinical Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy taking account of the mind, body and spirit, using the art and science of pure essential oils to encourage good health, equilibrium and well-being.

Essential oils are undiluted natural plant matter extracted from flowers, leaves, grasses, roots, woods, barks, spices, fruits and berries, possessing distinctive therapeutic properties, which can be utilised on both a physiological and psychological level. These natural plant oils may be combined within a variety of different applications including massage, baths and vaporisation.

When used regularly Aromatherapy can help optimise general health and soothe everyday stresses and combined with a healthy diet, restful sleep, regular exercise and relaxation will help to maintain the body in a balanced and relaxed state. It is an especially effective therapy often successful in treating a variety of ailments such as muscular aches and pains, digestive complaints, colds, headaches, immune system deficiencies, menstrual and menopausal problems, sleep disturbances, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Bespoke Treatments

Your first treatment will start with a thorough consultation to outline your medical history and review your general lifestyle, health and well being. This enables me to select specific essential oils tailored to meet your own individual needs. A selection of base oils which have therapeutic properties of their own, are chosen to complement those of your essential oil blend.

Bodywork integrates the most effective elements of both Eastern and Western massage techniques, and focuses on re-balancing energy throughout the body through palming and thumbing techniques and a series of dynamic stretches. The frequency and duration of subsequent treatments will depend on the nature of your condition, your response to treatment and your progress in between treatments.